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The year is 2280.  The federation holds out against attacks from the rebels, but their forces are weak.  When all hope seems lost, federation scientists create the ultimate weapon- a weapon that could end the war.  Your mission is to see to the successful delivery of this weapon, aboard the modified cargo ship S944C.

Star Raid- Aegis is a bullet hell game where you can't move.  Instead, you control a shield that blocks bullets, and can shoot your gun in any direction.  There is a tutorial and three levels to play.


Left click to shoot

Right click to use powerup

W/A or left and right to move the shield

Install instructions

Extract all the files in the zip to a folder, then run Star Raid- Aegis.exe


Star Raid- Aegis.zip 76 MB
Star Raid-Aegis-- Game Maker Studio 2 Source Code 22 bytes

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